The purpose of this section is to give you insight insight into how this album was made. Some people may not care what type of Microphone was used—others will find it interesting. For those of you who have a passion for gear as I do, you know that insight from other musicians is valuable in helping you build the string of guitars, amps and devices that ultimately is your sound.

Along with gear, in this section we discuss the design goals of each song and what I was trying to achieve—not as a song writer but as a producer. Frankly, I wish everyone provided perspective on equipment and production choices. I would love to know if Rebel Rebel by David Bowie was an accident, or planed—sounds like an accident to me. Or, how Tom Petty's guitar player sounds so incredible—always. It might be production choices, not just a killer sound. I know there are a million guitar players better than me—this isn't about that. It is about the decisions and options that led to what I believe is a unique album. Not all decisions were the right decisions.

Schizophrenia is gear decisions.
Ultimately, gear decisions are intermingled with Producer decisions.

- Neil Sturgeon

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